5 thoughts on “Study: Nuclear power prevented 1.84 million air pollution deaths”

  1. I’m willing on principle to accept that given the magnitude of emissionless electricity generated and reduced demand for coal, some potentially fatal asthma attacks have been averted due to nuclear power, especially during the 60s and 70s when coal power had higher emisisons and some coal miner lives have been saved due to reduced workload, especially during the early years of lower on the job safety .

    However, I am also certain that the number is several orders of magnitude less than claimed.

  2. The top of the bill:

    In the Green Trunks, Environmental Insanity vs. Anti-Nuke ignorance in the Pinko Trunks.

    Let’s rummmble!

  3. Wow, it prevented 1.8 Million deaths! Does that mean that there are now 1.8 Million immortal zombies roaming the earth? There’s no preventing death, we all will die, so what meaning does such a stat have? None, which is probably why they use such unverifiable measures. A better measure would be the impact on average life span…but a 0.02 year increase in average life span wouldn’t look as dramatic as 1.8M lives.

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