Report: Obama campaign group vows to hold ‘these climate deniers accountable’

From a reporter for The Hill.

Read the tweet.

8 thoughts on “Report: Obama campaign group vows to hold ‘these climate deniers accountable’”

  1. When you have a campaign group running the show, you are admitting it is politics – not science. To borrow from “Pathway”, these are the new Obama Brown Shirts trying to force social control on the American people in the name of a fraud.

  2. Yes, “climate deniers” are building a pipeline for “tar sands”. The “Progressive” government must stop it and the “Liberal” lawmakers must ban any such attempts in the future.

    See? It’s not sloppy. It is very unequivocal. You just missed the meeting where new meanings for old words were agreed upon.

  3. “climate deniers”????? I don’t know anyone who denies there is a climate. We’ve let these bozo’s get away with such intentionally sloppy language that they can use phrases like this.

  4. Among decent people, “accountable” means considering what someone has done and evaluating it. It is not a synonym for “blame” or “punish”.
    It has gotten that meaning, but that’s another case of corrupting the language.
    I’ll be truly accountable for my scepticism: I’ll stand by it and defend it. OFA may then think of me what they wish.

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