10 thoughts on “Poll: How much of the current U.S. economy depends upon fossil fuels?”

  1. As an economy? All of it stops. A new form would have to come up, reverting to local trade and barter. Nasty, brutish and short.

  2. Nasty and brutish? As opposed to the hippy love fest of Western capitalism? Short? Well, you are dead forever, whichever way you cut it.

  3. You headline and the poll box asks “How much economy depends…” and the text continues…”If fossil fuel and related-product (e.g., plastics) use magically *STOPPED*, what part of the economy would continue functioning..?”.
    I doubt that is your intent, please correct.

  4. H’m. The “hippy love fest of Western capitalism”, your pejorative term for a free economy, has lifted more people out of poverty and oppression than any other system has. Free people in free economies have provided more food, more fuel, more necessities and more conveniences than socialism, fascism, tribalism, feudalism or any form of command economy. Some do better than others, of course, but under the other systems far fewer do well.

  5. That’s like asking “If you poke a hole in a bubble, how much of the bubble is left?”

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