6 thoughts on “Obama on climate: ‘I think that the science is indisputable’”

  1. The “indisputable” parts of the science all say that AGW is false.
    1. CO2 can’t trap heat the way Obama and the AGW gang imply it can. Even Hansen and Mann acknowledge this.
    2. Temps don’t track with CO2 very well and temp changes don’t track with CO2 changes very well.
    3. CO2 emissions are rising as templs fall.
    4. Weather conditions are only about as variable as they have been since we’ve had any real records.
    So what’s to dispute?

  2. “People here in this area care deeply about issues of energy and climate change,” Mr. Obama said at the second event Thursday.

    Stockton, Calif., became the most populous city in the nation to go broke Monday, after a judge accepted the city’s application to enter bankruptcy.


    California and climate change seem to go together like broke and dead broke.

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