5 thoughts on “Obama: ‘Climate deniers in Congress refuse to even debate the issue’”

  1. Lord Monckton will be glad to meet anyone Obama can dragoon into meeting him. So will Senator Inhofe.
    Republicans may choose to try to bottle stupid bills up in committee rather than bring them to a vote because strange things happen during votes. It’s one thing to debate in the public square; when the agenda becomes legislation and it’s bad, you’re supposed to stop it by any means that are lawful.

  2. I am assuming this is the “Democrat” debate style: defeat your opponent with name-calling, pronounce loudly that you care and your opponent is just a rich jerk (though not as rich as the person making the assertion) who would let your grandmother die from heat stroke when the oceans boil. You know the drill. No debate–more like a one-sided boxing match involving pummeling one’s opponent until the referee (news media or whomever) declares the match over and the name-caller the victor. If only there were real debate……

  3. Get away with what, not debating or denying CAGW? Surely Obama doesn’t want to debate global warming. He just wants everyone who doesn’t agree with him to roll over to his demagoguery.

  4. This claim has no more truth in it than any of the other claims that this President has made.

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