6 thoughts on “NYTimes: Audubon birders report 60% of N. American birds moving north because of global warming”

  1. It’s interesting that the article talks about “omens” and folk-lore, then immediately ascribes some kind of science legitimacy to the current observations. I don’t see a lot of difference between the previous lack of science and the pseudoscience of today. Perhaps more people in the north have feeders for the birds. Hummingbirds stay in the southern US instead of flying south because of this. Perhaps the observers did not pay close attention in the past, before a certain species of bird became an “omen” for climate change.
    And, as Bob noted, do we know what the birds were doing in the past? This notion that the earth is static is just irrational. Everything changes on a regular basis. Environmentalists preach Darwin and then deny everything he said–the world should NEVER adapt or change according to these people. Or somehow it’s the fault of a SINGLE species on the planet. Again, irrational.

  2. They may have convinced themselves in deriving a statistic. It remains possible if we warmed and plateaued. I’m guessing it’s not significant enough to be all that noticeable though.

    Missing from their concerns, expanded range = good. Including more pheasant on Canadian dining tables.

  3. Well according to the Greens, animals — such as birds — have occult knowledge of the forces of Nature. So obviously they know something about the temperature which cannot be explained using our artificial thermometers.

  4. By comparing the censuses from various decades, you can do a rough estimate of how rapidly people are “migrating” south. It’s a lot more than 35 miles in the last 40 years — a lot more.

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