2 thoughts on “Michael Mann now a DDT expert; Defends indefensible Rachel Carson — Rachel lied, millions died (and are still dying)”

  1. Mann is a de facto expert on Malaria, thanks to his current large NSF grant to predict the spread of diseases like Malaria due to climate change.

    That also makes Mann an expert on DDT.

    Add to that list of expertise climate models, weather extremes, paleo proxies, conspiracy theories on deniers, and a Nobel prize, and he is quickly becoming the Renaissance Mann of Climate.

  2. It appears to me that Dr. Mann is attempting to create a “pity me” correlation between the attacks on Rachel Carson and the attacks on him. He is of course correct. It is also apparent that he fails to realize his comparison condemns him, since he now places himself on the same level of junk science as Carson. Carson held a science degree, but she was never a practicing scientist, she was a science writer, and a good one until Silent Spring, then she became a science fiction writer. It would appear that perhaps….just perhaps….. Carson and Mann have a great deal in common. Thank you Dr. Mann for pointing it out.

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