Irony: Gov. Moonbeam agrees to help Beijing clean its dirty air; But America’s “worst” air is in California

With all California’s problems, does Jerry Brown really have so much spare time that he can afford to be an air pollution consultant to Beijing?

From the LATimes:

he governor is meeting with top Chinese officials on Wednesday, including the minister of environmental protection, Zhou Shengxian.

They are expected to sign a nonbinding agreement to work together to clean up the dirty air in the Chinese capital and other cities across the country that are also suffering from crippling smog.

Check out the Lung Association rankings of U.S. air quality.

One thought on “Irony: Gov. Moonbeam agrees to help Beijing clean its dirty air; But America’s “worst” air is in California”

  1. Yes, but Beijing is not his responsibility, and therefor the risk of blame associated with any action he might take THERE is much smaller. California is going to tank no matter what else happens at this point, its 100% risk!

    WHATEVER he does, will make no difference at all and with 100% chance of a catastrophe effect waiting in the wings, he would have to absorb ALL the blame, with no chance of success at all. Why take any action that has a 0% chance at success, and 100% chance to be saddled with 90% of the the blame, in politics?

    He’ll find something else to do in the mean time, and point out how nothing he did CAUSED “it” (because he didn’t do anything), and whatever “it” is that happens,… was going to happen anyway. Its the only plausible out for him.

    WHEN THEY ASK…. and only a few will ask cause the Press is in the bag for his brand, how should he answer the charge?

    “I was helping! I was in Beijing on a humanitarian mission to reduce smog which everyone knows is a world-wide problem, I was doing what I could! I was trying to LEARN from them so I could help L.A….. eventually!”

    … “and,… _______ was going to happen anyway, there was nothing I could do about that!”.

    That is the way it done now.

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