7 thoughts on “Hansen quitting NASA; Wants to testify against, sue government over emissions”

  1. The worst aspect of this is that he’ll be replaced by someone just as clueless and fanatic as he is. The GISS data sets will never be cleaned up into something actually reliable for actual science.

  2. Activism and NGOs is an increasingly popular method of retirement planning in other fields as well. We’ll have to wait and see how Hansen does, though. He’ll probably not do much more activism than he did at NASA, he’ll just do it more egregiously.

    Funny thing about the NY Times article on this, though. More than anything else, it reads like an obituary.

  3. I wonder if the sequester was the reason. Boss -> Jim: ” If you retire with full benefits now, ‘to spend time with your family and pursue outside interests’, I won’t have to put the rest of the team on furlough.”

    I’m not claiming it’s the complete story but it’s very plausible.

  4. In this week’s Economist, Hansen admits that he can’t understand why the earth’s mean temperature has remained flat and not increased for the past ten years. He couldn’t be wrong could he?

  5. Good riddance. He should have quit embarassing NASA and admitted he just wanted to retire and continue to write fiction a long time ago.

  6. So he’s now going to stop taking taxpayer money to finance his clueless beliefs, so he can sue the government in order to continue taking taxpayer money to finance his clueless beliefs. Does one of those aerospace start-ups offer a one-way ticket to Mars?

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