Greenpeace Piracy: Activists storm ship carrying Australian coal

“Our leaders are failing us so it’s up to us to take civil disobedience and to slow down and stop these coal ships. We are set to stay here as long as it takes.”

Remember when CFACT turned the tables on Greenpeace and boarded the Rainbow Warrior during the December 2009 IPCC meeting Copenhagen?

CFACT Rainbow Warrior

Read more at The Guardian.

9 thoughts on “Greenpeace Piracy: Activists storm ship carrying Australian coal”

  1. Gillard’s govt is aligned with these pirates – she and the Aussie navy will never do anything to protect these ships from Greenpeace pirates. I suggest that commercial shippers supply weapons to their crews in the future.

  2. I looked up the Australian Navy on duh net. A few frigates and some patrol boats. For 23,000 miles of coastline. I’m not sure they can do anything about piracy.

    Australia probably prohibits firearms on ships in Australian territorial waters, too. Australia is unarmed, and they want you unarmed. Greenpeace can succeed if ship operators decide not to go to Australia. Greenpeace picked the right country to tweak. With no action taken against them, they’ll do it again.

  3. Now that the Rainbow Warrior has been used in the commission of a felony, it should be seized and sold. The entire crew is guilty, in commission or as accessories, to piracy. Lock ’em all up for a few years.

    Investigate whether other non-present members were involved as well. Piracy should not be tolerated.

  4. Piracy is a good bit more than “civil disobedience.” Again the left distorts the language to make criminal acts sound innocuous or even laudable. Our ignorant public and corrupt/lazy media go along.

  5. Arrest all of them and charge them with endangering national security. A few years in the pen will help to focus the minds of the rest of these rogue yahoos.

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