One thought on “Good news for green people-haters: Model predicts population decline by mid-century; Global population in 2100 same as 2000”

  1. This trend has been visible for a century or even two. As societies become wealthier and families can count on raising their children to adults, most families choose to have fewer children even if they don’t have medical birth control. Instead of having six or seven, hoping for two or three as adults, families have two or three and figure all will become adults.
    There are pluses and minuses to a stabilizing population. There aren’t any valid government policies to shape this trend, though, not in my opinion at least. Societies that cherish children will probably do better — the US is much more lively than Europe. Every time governments have tried policy to shape demography, though, it’s failed, usually by stifling the people. China, case in point.

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