Gavin Schmidt: Princeton physicist, Einstein successor Freeman Dyson is ‘dumb’

Below is one of warmist Gavin Schmidt’s tweets from a conversation bemoaning the interview with Princeton physicist Freeman Dyson.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 4.34.31 PM

Click below for our posts of the interview:

9 thoughts on “Gavin Schmidt: Princeton physicist, Einstein successor Freeman Dyson is ‘dumb’”

  1. Of course nobody is “unassailable.” Science isn’t about worshipping people, it’s about the relentless and unending search for knowledge. As long as people like Schmidt put their agenda before science they will be “assailed.” People who don’t question scientific theories remind me of unscientific thinkers.

  2. Is there anyone who is unassailable anymore? They’d find a way to make cracks at Hawking himself.

  3. Gavin Schmidt, the coward who was afraid to debate Dr Roy Spencer, was ridiculous on the Stossel show. We need to get Schmidt out in front of audiences more often.

  4. Gavin fully understands the difference between our neighbor Mars with a dead core, and our planet with a hot & energetic mutated ferrous core, delivering magnetic field lines to several earth radii out and all the spheres held within it. He certainly understands all the electromagnetic forces within each layer and the interactions of all wavelengths within the magnetospheric structure, as they apply to all matter. He has no reason to guess about Earths ever-changing core over time and those effects, nor does he have any questions about the never-stable inter-planetary magnetic field as it acts upon our planet.
    He’s a true genius!
    He understands the core temperature as it is felt & distributed at all depths, crevices, mountaintops and surfaces using at least 18.4 billion monitoring points and he definitely understands that C02 is the only culprit identifiable and attributable to our over heated environment, the one we call planet earth!
    Because of his ability to measure all wavelengths of EMF within every cubic meter of space and can see the interactions and influences they have on forms of matter, we should never question his brilliance.

  5. So Schmidt “tweets” to Gleick, and makes some asinine remark, and he is not worthy to lick the boots of Prof Dyson.

    Teilhard postulates the Omega Point as the supreme point of complexity and consciousness, which in his view is the actual cause for the universe to grow in complexity and consciousness. So then we can postulate that there is a “pomposity omega point”? This is where pretentious fools are drawn towards the Lies that they themselves promulgate.

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