6 thoughts on “Four Penn State profs to bicycle to DC to raise awareness on climate; ‘A journey of faith’”

  1. Odd that Mann is not among them. Churches are becoming havens & podia for lefties. The unsuspecting public hasn’t yet realized this and still ascribes unassailable credibility to what they hear from priests and preachers.

  2. A perfect opportunity for Lance Armstrong to make a comeback with a bunch who’s ethical caliber is around his own.

  3. What a coincidence. I’m taking a trip to Florida in my fossil fueled car to protest this damn cold weather in the North.

  4. “Raise awareness” — what’s that? If that was a UK news, I would understand it as raising money. Every time you hear about somebody biking, hiking, or swimming the Channel, you know somebody needs a lot of money. Of course, there are people who do all that just for fun, but you don’t hear about those.

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