Darryl Hannah: ‘We need to move away from ‘toxic’ to ‘clean’ energy because you can’t not believe in toxins’ — RealityDrop: Solar and wind ‘pollute’ too

Darryl Hannah described her decision to produce the warmist documentary Greedy Lying Bastards as a “no-brainer.” She was clearly qualified.

Actress Darryl Hannah told Canadian media today:

We still need to move away from these lethal, toxic forms of energy that are destroying our life-support systems, so clean energy is still the answer whether you believe in the climate crisis or not, because you can’t not believe in toxins, you know?

Earth to Darryl: So-called clean energy production necessarily involves “toxins” and hazardous waste.

9 thoughts on “Darryl Hannah: ‘We need to move away from ‘toxic’ to ‘clean’ energy because you can’t not believe in toxins’ — RealityDrop: Solar and wind ‘pollute’ too”

  1. This is a woman who willfully de-evolved herself into a lower life form in the fantasy movie Splash. Not an intelligent dolphin but a child-like mermaid with a tail. Stuck in time, never re-evolved. Moral;Never dive down 5 atmospheres without an air supply.

  2. A lovely woman but, alas, an idiot. Worse, a la Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, an idiot who believes she is informed.

  3. Outlaw Daryl Hannah. She’s carrying a lot of lethal toxins around in her body, so you can’t not believe in that. You know?

  4. Darryl lost one eye to a white haired old kung fu guy, the other to Uma Thurman.

    Who got her brain?

  5. Have to keep OIL in those wind turbine gear boxes or they could blow up like a 4th of July firework. Don’t forget the bearings will need GREASE from time to time to prevent seizing.

  6. You beat me to it. Why care what an airhead actress ‘thinks’. Let her do away with all the luxury (which is vastly more than the average person) oil,coal and gas provides her and then, maybe, she can be taken seriously.

  7. Dumb as dirt! One thing we know for sure. It is a good thing she makes her living by reciting the words others have written. Because if she had to write her own lines she would make even fewer movies than she does now and would end up as a financial burden on the taxpayers.

  8. What is it with these Hollywood types thinking that they have active brain cells … I have a great idea, why don’t they accept a punitive HOLLYWOOD TAX just for the actors of say, 50% of gross income, that can be applied to this “sustainable energy” scam so that the good citizens of California aren’t burdened with the consequences of the ‘Hollywood-stoopidity’. What is good for you, Hannah, is only good for you.

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