4 thoughts on “Climate change did not cause 2012 US drought, says government report”

  1. I had a discussion with a college student on that. He would say, “There once was a time when people would say…” And among the things we would say were the climate did not change and that the world does not warm.
    No, we do not deny that the climate changes. We only deny that we are powerful enough to cause it or to stop it.

  2. Climate change? Is the climate supposed to be static and unchanging? I suppose they mean AGW, but using “climate change” when you mean something else, allows them to get away with any event. A two-year drought is a bit short term to be classed, or not classed, under climate change.

  3. … and the pro AGW crowd goes crazy. The models must be wrong. Not enough data input. The world is upside down. The believers are now the deniers.

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