5 thoughts on “Boo-Hoo: Eco-terrorist whines about deprivation of rights while on parole; But no remorse for property rights he torched”

  1. I have doubts about Mr. McGowan’s reforms too. However, he does have some valid points.
    Prison security classifications are supposed to support prison security and public safety. The material presented is pretty questionable in terms of threatening either. A Christian who was imprisoned for burning a mosque would still have a right to proselytize without adovcating violence. Of course the line between keeping the faith and advocating violence can be fuzzy.
    Of course McGown expresses a concern for his own rights while forgetting the rights of those against whom he offended, including the safety of emergency responders, but that’s the norm for both criminals and “progressives”.

  2. It seems that Mr. McGowan paroled out of jail early without having admitted that what he did was a criminal act for which he deserved punishment. If the aim of imprisonment is supposed to be rehabilitation; this prison failed and Mr. McGowan’s parole is not credible.

  3. Some of the comments are good. Like:

    “Oh, cry me a freaking river that a convicted arsonist was treated like a felon instead of a special snowflake.”

    Frankly, I was surprised to see some rational comments in the Huffing-and-puffington Post.

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