One thought on “Barrasso: EPA ignores health effects from EPA-caused unemployment”

  1. As a retired Boilermaker Business Manager from the Midwest, I have been disappointed in the EPA’s recent willingness to prevent the application of proven pollution reducing technologies that have been used by industry successfully to improve the air we breath and the water we drink and use for recreational purposes. During my lifetime I have enjoyed as all Americans have, a noticeable improvement in air and water quality. I can remember before the EPA when the air was nasty and water questionable. Projects that produced measureable improvement in the environment also provided employment for my membership resulting in improvement in the quality of my members and families. Unemployment brought about by not moving forward on pollution control projects and upgrades to current technologies has brought a great deal of misery to my members way of life. From my perspective, members families misery-not the improving quality of the environment-is the greater problem that needs to be focused on.

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