7 thoughts on “Al Gore slams journos for not asking Obama about ‘climate crisis’ at press conference”

  1. It’s the Love Canal syndrome. Everybody believes that many were killed or injured by pollution from Love Canal when nobody was harmed.

    In a major speech on the floor of the Senate, Al Franken put out the ridiculous lie about Big Oil and the Heartland Institute. He was properly incensed by the WMD in Iraq hype then he does the same thing. Shame on him..

  2. Gore seems oblivious to the political suicide he’s committing. The one thing he does not want is for journalists to ask him tough questions, such as whether he has an iota of evidence to prove skeptic climate scientists were paid by ‘big coal & oil’ to lie about AGW.

  3. Past tense MT. Gore HAD a cable channel before selling it to those carbon based Arabs.

  4. Yeah. Obama got elected and Gore failed. Obama has power for a few more years; Gore has a cable channel with fewer viewers than Oprah.

  5. If Obama focused on climate regulations like he has focused on jobs, we’d have no EPA. Sounds good to me.

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