3 thoughts on “Al Franken backs off warmism certainty: ‘Some of us know… well… some of us believe’ in global warming”

  1. Well Al Franken was a moron when he was trying to be an actor and a comedian and he’s STILL a moron. A moron who STOLE an election with the help of other dishonest, crooked Democrats. He couldn’t have an original thought, much less an intelligent one, if he tried and anyone who even THINKS that what Al Franken says is important is as much a moron as he is.

  2. Get involved with a solution . . this is the only way forward – if you have other ideas then please share them – all of us complaining all the time advances not one positive thing — visit the project site print out the brochure and give it to all you state and local elected officials . . Take the money away from DC and then they can not bribe the States and teachers Unions – it is game over but it takes work not just words . .


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