20 Years Ago: 4-24-93 — EPA makes air conditioning repair more costly: Refrigerants can’t be vented during repair

Did it make a difference in the “ozone hole”? See for yourself.


The news article is below.


EPA orders recycling of coolant chemicals
April 24, 1993, Chicago Tribune

The government laid down the law Friday on refrigerators and air conditioners: The chemicals that cool them must be recycled to help preserve the Earth’s ozone layer. The Environmental Protection Agency decreed that repair workers who service air conditioners and refrigerators, both residential and commercial, must use new equipment to prevent escape of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other ozone-depleting chemicals. In addition, the EPA regulation requires that when owners dispose of refrigerators and air conditioners, the refrigerants must be safely removed and recycled. The regulation implements a section of the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990 that barred CFC emissions.

8 thoughts on “20 Years Ago: 4-24-93 — EPA makes air conditioning repair more costly: Refrigerants can’t be vented during repair”

  1. Most Of ac machines exhausts carbon dioxide gas in excess which leads to generating hole in ozone layer. Carbon dioxide has bad impact on environment and atmosphere.

  2. Yes, funny that. Just as the patent on Freon was about to expire, we discover “Freon is killing us!!”. When Freon got banned, well whaddya know, DuPont has a freshly patented substitute ready to go.
    I’m not saying that there was some grand conspiracy orchestrated by DuPont to kill Freon. But, DuPont certainly recognized that it was NOT in their best interest to defend Freon when the enviros started screaming.
    They laughed their asses off all the way to the bank.

  3. Dupont actually replaced Freon with a more expensive product.

    They had the science to refute the ozone silliness, but they got tired of being beat up by the press. Why fight when the alternative sells for more?

  4. There’s 2 main ways to lead the market: create a better mousetrap or have the gov’t outlaw your competition….

  5. I never understood how a hole in the ozone over the South Pole was going to cause me (in the eastern United States) to get cancer from UV radiation. But what do I know?

  6. Please let everyone know that all CFC’s are heavier than ozone, making this one of the most shockingly fraudulent things that the envirnmentalists have ever gotten away with.

  7. I’m old enough to remember this, we were all suposed to DIE in the next few days or weeks if we don’t fix this instantly! As I recall… there we certain “evils” loose amongst us and it was all of our duty to hunt them down and kill them.

    Then, a few years ago, I remember reading, it shank and we’re NOT going to be dying any longer, at least not due to solar radiation and the subsequent skin cancers and everthing else WE WERE DOING WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember thinking, so much for the adventures of Chicken Little… (which I’m DEAD CERTAIN they don’t teach any longer)

    OF COURSE…. once the bureaucrats have the rules they want, they don’t just let go because they were wrong, THAT was never the point or the goal. The goal ways always to find some reason, ANY “REASON” that would get them where they want to go, THEN… start looking for the next set of “reasons” to hunt down the next Witch!

    PS Did you see that Hansel and Grettle at the theater a couple months ago, OMG was it bad! Yish, but… I can’t sit here reading this C$$P day after day, I’d end up thorwin myself off a cliff in order to “save” the dirt and the trees… yish….

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