8 thoughts on “Wind Industry: Turbines defy physics, no drop in performance with age”

  1. If the wind blows more, the efficiency goes up. This needs an explanation? Call me when they reach 50%. I’ll not hold my breath….

  2. This actually can happen – for instance with new cars, your best performance from the engine is at about 60K miles – this is because that is the point where the parts have “warn” optimally to fit together.

    I can see – a few years after installation that the output gets 1 – 2% better. and then starts deteriorating.

    That or Al Gore is now blowing so much hot air, all the turbines in the world are spinning at max!

  3. I think the theoretical maximum for wind power is that a windmill can remove 57% of the power from the air flowing over the blades.

    Faster wind speeds also do not necessarily help – optimal speeds do. If the wind blows fast they are restricted, if the wind blows way to fast they are shut down.

  4. The longevity comes from over-estimated operational output. The sun shines less and winds don;t blow. Check this link that illustrates my point.

    Germany’s Wind Performance Was Just As Bad As Great Britain’s – Sun And Wind Are Often AWOL!

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