One thought on “Weather Service Chief Admits: Not ‘enough cases of extreme weather yet to prove the [global warming] hypothesis’”

  1. Lots of weasel wording, I notice. (To our host: I love how you post links to original content; lets us judge people by their own words and not by your interpretation — intellectually the right thing to do.)
    Here’s the funny part: by all available measures, extreme weather is running about like it always has. The “onslaught” of recent years is about the same as “onslaughts” in previous years. The “onslaught” varies year by year, of course, but the trends of events are essentially flat.
    Damage has increased in some areas because of development but the weather is the same. If anything, hurricanes are down near the US and that could, I guess, be a contributor to drought. Hurricanes are a big way of moving Gulf and Atlantic water around.

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