4 thoughts on “Waxman releases discussion paper for ‘Waxman-Markey II: The Carbon Tax’”

  1. You’re right, DP, of course you are. This has the added stench of justifying the tax (which is a bad idea in the current state of the economy) with a lie.

  2. I read a few paragraphs in. I doubt it gets better.
    1. “Carbon pollution” is a fallacy or a lie or some of each. Human production of carbon dioxide is safe for the environment; any policy based on reducing it is mistaken.
    2. The idea that “we’re just one good tax hike away from prosperity” seems embedded in the DNA of Waxman and Markey, among others. Raising some taxes has already contributed to four years of extremely slow, jobless recovery of the kind that would get a Republican administration pilloried. We can get more revenue by helpling the economy expand rather than by raising tax rates.
    3. A carbon tax is essentially a consumption tax. Although one paragraph refers to “…the polluter pays for dangerous carbon pollution…”, this is just a typical “progressive” method to hide the fact that consumers will pay the tax. There’s something to be said for consumption taxes, but they should be exactly that, displayed openly for what they are. Disguising the tax by collecting it away from the taxpayers’ view is a lie.
    One reason for limited government — at all levels — is to reduce the influence of elected officials on the lives of people who didn’t elect them. Granted that many politicians want to influence the lives of all, not just those who voted for them, this seems far more virulent among “progressives”.

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