RINO-Enviro: Only abortion worse than burning fossil fuels

Rob Sisson of ConservAmerica (formerly Republicans for Environmental Protection) tells Catholic Online:

Fighting climate change and pollution should be a libertarian priority. Ronald Reagan said, “Many laws protecting environmental quality have promoted liberty by securing property against the trespass of pollution.” Again, I point to the 600,000 American babies who are poisoned while still in their mothers’ wombs each and every year by toxins released from burning fossil fuels. Short of abortion, can there be any greater infringement upon someone’s liberty?

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  1. Here’s my email to the RINO:

    Mr. Sisson:

    How is it possible to be a conservative and so ignorant of fact?

    EPA was charged with regulating air toxins from coal-fired power plants.

    And they have finalized the Utility MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standard – in case you did not know) deeming it protective of human health.

    In the preamble to this rule, EPA admitted NO monetary health benefits from reductions in toxic metals emissions AS WELL AS hydrogen chloride.

    EPA could ONLY account for a scant $6 million/yr health “benefit” by reducing Hg emissions.

    EPA said this will amount to an IQ increase for children amounting to 0.001 point. Woohoo.

    And this paltry savings will cost Americans over $1 billion/yr to achieve.

    Please do us conservatives a favor.

    Leave the GOP, and go take up residency at your true home, the DNC.

    You are an embarrassment.

  2. “Short of abortion, can there be any greater infringement on someone’s liberty?”

    Well, abortion in the U.S. since Roe v Wade has taken about 53,000,000 lives over about 40 years for a per year average of 1,325,000. Between the years of 1917 and 1987, political types around the world for political reasons took about 260,000,000 noncombatant lives for a per year average of 3,714,286. Plain old murders in the U.S. between the years of 1968 and 1998 took about 800,000 lives for a per year average of 26,667. Firearm-related deaths of actual children (meaning minors) have taken about 1.7 per day for a yearly average of 621.

    So political types trying to fundamentally transform their societies have been an over 2.8-fold greater menace to liberty than abortion in terms of lives lost.

    But since we also have gigantic amounts of time lost per year in taxes to fund more of the same fantasies of the Left, we have to consider that in terms of hours of life lost. So last year’s monstrosity of a federal budget of about $3.7 trillion dollars divided by, say, a generous $20/hour equals 185 billion hours of life lost to the State. A 60 year career at 40 hours/week 52 weeks per year is equal to 124,800 hours. 185 billion hours divided by 124,800 hours is equal to 1,482,372 lives working at $20/h, 40h/week, 52w/year for 60 years. And that’s just what’s gobbled up in one year now by the federal government. Figure it at the minimum wage and over a 40 year career and really start to laugh in disbelief at the insanity that’s being perpetrated on the citizenry. So, even worse than abortion, the greatest infringement on someone’s liberty is that done by folks using the instrumentality of government to screw over, either by death or taxes, other people in order to accomplish their own designs.

    No wonder George Washington said that government, like fire, is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master.

  3. And Mr Sisson, I point to the 600,000 American babies each and every year that you callously seem to have no problem burdening with a 15+ trillion dollar toxic debt wasted on the numerous Solyndras of the world.

  4. Do you remember the old story “Lottery”? In that narrative a bucolic community had adopted a ritual based on superstition that became a tradition and a passion. It was believed that offering a human sacrifice (selected by a lottery) would appease the god of the harvest and insure a good crop. They had a mantra, a chant, “Lottery in June, corn’ll grow soon!” There was no concern for the hapless victim, only for the ritual.

    “The Lottery” resembles our current global warming scare. Based on superstition (science so called) taught as tradition in our schools, and trumpeted in our media. They are passionate and radical about it and they have no regard for the human cost of their agenda, only for the ritual.

  5. People continue to have extreme difficulty telling the difference between a real, physically verifiable event (abortion) and a psychic prediction disguised as science (damage to babies in the womb from -fill in the blank-)

    I am really starting to think people believe all of life is predictable, controllable and you can know everything if a mega-study says it’s so. There’s also the over-the-top analogies. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) people are going to recognize these are just scare tactics by people who have no point to make, or they’re going to start killing themselves out of extreme fear of everything in life. This is incredibly damaging to science. Who’s going to listen when everything kills you?

  6. Now that there are scientific papers out of Russia and Germany talking about an upcoming ice age, maybe we need to double the number of coal plants to warm the planet … as if that would help!

  7. H’m. Either nearly all American babies are exposed to environmental toxins — that would run closer to 4 million — or nearly no babies are, with the possible exception of babies whose mothers smoke, a number I have no estimate on. This just doesn’t add up for me.

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