Nuclear Industry Naiveté

Why doesn’t Bill McKibben love us?

The nuclear power industry operates under the illusion that folks who campaign against emissions of colorless, odorless, necessary-for-life carbon dioxide will/ought to embrace radiation risks.

Click for the Nuclear Energy Industry tweet.

4 thoughts on “Nuclear Industry Naiveté”

  1. I am sceptible about your comment. A major oil company was accused of inancing Heartland’s climate posititions. It turned out that the company had a matching program to encourage the charity of their employees. More generally, the accusation of the purchase of climate skepticism by the Koch brothers and others doesn’t hold up against scruteiy.

    Public hysteria aginst nuclear power is universal. Look at the overreaction to Fukashima. Nobody was hurt by radiation. while 19,000 were washed out to sea by the tsunami. And then there is the Ms. Merkel, trained in physics, She wasn’t paid by coal interests. She is just an idiot!.

  2. Well, when the hyenas start chasing, the zebras will leave the small and weak behind…same thing, sorta , I guess.

  3. You are correct of course. But when I was part of the nuclear boom of the 1970s and 80s I recall the fossil industry primarily coal spending alot of money to kill nuclear plant construction. I was at Zimmer in Ohio and Midland in Michigan when they succeded. Yes these plant had other problems but not so serious they could not have been completed.

  4. The nuclear energy leadership may be operating along the lines of the big insurance companies and DemBamaCare. If they throw the carbon energy industry to the wolves, maybe the wolves will leave them alone and at least the wolves will be busy for a few years while the nuclear people think of their next plan.
    I’m sure it’s only some of the nuclear energy leadership, but it is kind of ugly to watch them encourage the wolves. They should realize they are next.

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