7 thoughts on “Marc Gunther: ‘In defense of environmental extremism’”

  1. I don’t think Genghis Khan’s situation was really comparable here. Also, his de-urbanization movements were guided around minimizing pockets of resistance by reducing city populations to more dispersed farming communities. The goal was purely imperial.

  2. I’ll tweak a couple of our friends here and point out that the Pol Pot program and Genghis Khan’s program tended to support the Paleo diet, too.

  3. You left out the Pol Pot genocide, which was essentially an anti-urban environmental movement, favouring agriculture. Recall that Genghis Khan was also anti-urban, favouring grasslands.
    Now we have the ultimate environmentalism, both anti-urban and anti-agriculture in their modern forms.

  4. I campaigned for Senator Goldwater in 1964 and he carried our state. Which was Arizona, but still…

  5. Mr. Gunther sounds like the type who needs something to be passionate about, and it matters very little if the thing he’s passionate about is valuable or harmful.
    Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice and extremism in attacking liberty is no virtue.

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