6 thoughts on “Magical Food: Does Greek coffee hold the key to a longer life?”

  1. Sorry, I mistyped. I meant 100. That is a ridiculously small number compared to the extremely large and non-homogeneous 0.1% of Europeans.

  2. The sample is too small. The study is obviously biased because that result (longevity)is what they went to find. What they fail to look at when they do a study like this is what happened to the siblings, children, parents and grandparents of these senior citizens. The reason this is important is in past cases like this other factors are involved, like WW II killing off the majority of the people who would today be in their 60’s -80’s thus skewing the data, the desire for young people to leave such a stilted life post WW II leaving only old people on the island. Did their parents and grandparents live to 90+, etc. If you want to actually solve this mystery approach it from the opposite viewpoint: That is NOT what made these people live into their 90’s but what factors created a population of 90 year old people with no corresponding population of 80 year old, 70 year old, 60 year old, etc.

  3. Hell no Gene – you could double that to at least twenty, and they have to walk everywhere without much roads and no aeroplanes. Poverty helps longevity too, they say, within reason.

  4. Lifestyle, limited genetic population that has conserved a longevity gene or cluster, few deaths due to vehicle accidents or homicides I would guess, low birthrate so low infant mortality…We could do this all day. Sure not betting on the coffee, though.

  5. Wikipedia says that there are 8,300 Icarians and that one in three lives into his 90s.

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