3 thoughts on “Insult to injury: Obama adds 9 cents to gas price”

  1. There’s value in reducing pollution. There’s value in the activities that produces pollution. There’s a need to balance these, of course. The cost of this pollution reduction is almost certainly higher than any actual value from it. That’s especially true when you realize it has a ripple effect through the economy.
    That said, the prices of gas and diesel fluctuate a lot more than 9 cents in the course of a year, often in the course of a month. The additional 2.5-ish percent in the cost of gas is annoying but not devastating. Increased petroleum production and, possibly, the introduction of competing transport fuels that actually work would probably lower the prices of gas and diesel more than this would raise the price.

  2. Aren’t they beating the same expired equine on smog and particulate reductions saving lives and billions of dollars in health costs? When the EPA gets all its rules in, health care should be zero and we should live forever.

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