3 thoughts on “ICYMI: Today was the UN’s first International Day of Happiness — Need to ‘live in harmony with nature’ and commit to ‘sustainable development’”

  1. I. Lou: I would go a step further and send the UN bunch to Mars to start the colonization of that planet. Preferably with fuel only enough to get there.

  2. Here’s my idea on how to celebrate this wonderful, new, global holiday. Let’s deport the UN and all of its officials to China. That way, they can happily reunite with Maurice Strong who has been living there since the Iraqi Oil for Food scam, while continuing with his COR plan to destroy America’s economy. I, for one, would be elated! To wit:

    “The Most Dangerous Man in the World”

    “Who is Maurice Strong?”

    “At the United Nations, the Curious Career of Maurice Strong”

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