2 thoughts on “Food Poisoning: Organic greens (again)”

  1. Organic farming: producing less with greater risk.
    The linked article seems to indicate that we should avoid leafy green veggies. What would Mrs. Obama say to that?
    Re deweaver’s note about one scoop contaminating the entire load of compost. True, I’m sure. The “kills 99.9%” of germs ads and the toothpaste ad with the scan of bacteria in the mouth — they never mention that the survivors reproduce very rapidly, like deweaver’s e. coli in the compost.

  2. Note that it is expected that E. coli O157/H7 would show up in organic greens. By definition, “organic” producers can’t use inorganic fertilizers like ammonia and urea, which forces them to obtain their required nitrogen fertilizer from cattle manure and this version of E. coli is common in cattle. According to organic regulations, that cattle manure must be properly composted, but just one scoop error in a hundred tons of compost with contaminate the whole lot and then all the organic farms that use the manure.

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