3 thoughts on “Feinstein Foiled: Assault-weapons ban nixed from bill”

  1. Zactly. Feinstein stood on the corpses of children to get this passed. She failed. She will certainly step on the next bodies she can find.

    “No tragedy is too severe for liberals not to exploit.” – GC

  2. Don’t fool yourself. This is sitting there waiting for a “crisis”. The next time some nutcase shots up a school or other public place this bill will be brought up and with the spotlight and MSM pressure it will be voted on. This result is far worse then an honest vote on the bill.

  3. All the sunlight in the world, multiple stakes through the heart — these have left AGW and the anti-gun groups winded but still fighting. I am sure Senator Feinstein will introduce her ban on the floor as an amendment and I’m sure she’ll get some support. Enough to pass the amendment? I hope not.

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