20 thoughts on “Dictator Hugo Chavez dead; Joins his beloved Kyoto Protocol”

  1. Man can (almost sounds like Mann kann) — in theory. In practice, a bunch of humans left to their own devices assemble in a society dominated by a tyrant. That’s the wild-type human for you. Basic biology.

    Chavez and that part of Venezuela he was able to dominate seem to have produced a classical example of wild type. Democracy is like a cultured plant. It needs care; it does not arise spontaneously.

    In theory, a benevolent dictator can be better for a country than a dysfunctional democracy. But when was the last time we saw one?

  2. His populist rhetoric and demonization (spell check doesn’t like this word) of the US resonated with desperate, illiterate and impoverished people of Venezuela. Standard MO of demagogues and dictators.

  3. Well, Jim, I`ve been voting for almost 50 years now and I wish the ranks had been full of good hearted people who had nothing but the best interests of their peers. My experience is not so. And if they are paragons of virtue, there must be some, I reckon, the system quickly gobbles them up. So when Mr Chavez comes along and gets some kind of good thing going for the poor folk, I just feel plain cheered up. Excuse me while I book a session with my optician…better safe than sorry..my granny used to say….good advice for all.

  4. Ah! Al (spontaneous order)Capone, I take it or do you mean dis lidl` ol` Mauser Cannon `o mine (do yah wanna be in my gang, my gang oh Yeh!!!).

    I don`t think sooo…

  5. “Who organises things?” — Free people elect from their own ranks, and limit the powers of those they elect. Dave, I really hope you never wind up on the wrong end of your own blindness.
    Governments are never to be fully trusted as they are made up of flawed human beings who often act to aggrandize their own power at the expense of those who put them there. Chavez’ $2billion in wealth isn’t exactly a populist sign of virtue.

  6. Please note, the regular posters here are silent, deferential (speak no ill of the dead), or negative towards Chavez. However, people that I have never seen on this board are singing the dictator’s prasies.

    I give no celebration for any death, but I am relieved that he is gone.

  7. So, do you you just float around the countryside not interacting? Who organises things? Who decides what is best for interacting free floaters. Someone has to organise things,,,,it should be very democratic so we can all have our say and the organiser should be removable by vote. I think that happened to Hugo…or was that the coup by the US bullyboys? Gene Autry was really great…but even Trigger had to do as he wus told. Ain`t that so cowboys?

  8. Robert Heinlein said “Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. ”
    Hugo Chavez was one of those who believed people should be controlled, and that He should be their controller. Those who support him also believe that He should be their controller, and they want to be controled by him.
    The rest of us (Texans, Tea-Partiers, Free Irish, cowboys, contrarians, etc.) have no such desire.

  9. Amazing what will bring the socialist trolls out and where they will show up. Al Capone had his soup kitchens, but he didn’t have the big oil money and unilateral control that Chavez got from running a government racket.

  10. He seems to have cared for people…not a lot of that about. I`m not for state rule but get the feeling that that`s where capitalism/democracy as we know it is heading anyway. Nice to have an alternative to money grabbing even if it was far from perfect.

    Condolences to his family, friends and the people of Venezuela

  11. I cannot fathom anybody, by any objective measure, wishing to live in a nation with a singular ruler such as Chavez. His support baffles me.

  12. A president’s official employers — his countrymen — don’t need his love. They need a set of jobs done.

  13. evry country should have a leader like hugo chavez.he got no thanks for his bargaining the release of long term prisoners in columbia. we need a president that so loves his country & his countrymen.

  14. He nationalized Venezuelas resources for the benefit of the Venezuelan people, and bashed Israhell, the criminal cabal that calls itseld goverment of USA and the global banking elite. R.I.P. my hero!

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