Climategate 3.0: In 2009, Schneider touts spike in warming by 2014

It had better get dramatically warm soon.

The e-mail is below.

>>>>>>>> Hi all. Any of you want to explain decadal natural
>>>>>>>> variability and signal to noise and sampling errors to
>>>>>>>> this new “IPCC Lead Author” from the BBC? As we enter an
>>>>>>>> El Nino year and as soon, as the sunspots get over their
>>>>>>>> temporary–presumed–vacation worth a few tenths of a Watt
>>>>>>>> per meter squared reduced forcing, there will likely be
>>>>>>>> another dramatic upward spike like 1992-2000. I heard
>>>>>>>> someone–Mike Schlesinger maybe??–was willing to bet alot
>>>>>>>> of money on it happening in next 5 years?? Meanwhile the
>>>>>>>> past 10 years of global mean temperature trend stasis
>>>>>>>> still saw what, 9 of the warmest in reconstructed 1000
>>>>>>>> year record and Greenland and the sea ice of the North in
>>>>>>>> big retreat?? Some of you observational folks probably do
>>>>>>>> need to straighten this out as my student suggests below.
>>>>>>>> Such “fun”, Cheers, Steve
>>>>>>>> Stephen H. Schneider
>>>>>>>> Melvin and Joan Lane Professor for Interdisciplinary
>>>>>>>> Environmental Studies,
>>>>>>>> Professor, Department of Biology and
>>>>>>>> Senior Fellow, Woods Institute for the Environment
>>>>>>>> Mailing address:
>>>>>>>> Yang & Yamazaki Environment & Energy Building – MC 4205
>>>>>>>> 473 Via Ortega
>>>>>>>> Ph: 650 725 9978
>>>>>>>> F: 650 725 4387

3 thoughts on “Climategate 3.0: In 2009, Schneider touts spike in warming by 2014”

  1. You do realise that Schneider was talking about a spike over a period of 8-9 years. And he wrote that e-mail in 2009. Come back in a few more years before stating “It had better get dramatically warm soon”

    And David Howard aren’t you a supporter of depopulation…”Reduce the bloody population, there’s no room for 70 million or more here, no jobs or infrastructure for even more.”

  2. Schneider’s been dead for a while, he was a post-normal science activist trying to change the world to a managed economy with planned depopulation. Therefore whatever he says is driven by those wishes and nothing else.

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