11 thoughts on “Barbara Boxer: ‘50% of God’s species will be gone if we do nothing’ on global warming”

  1. May I point out to to the BOX that over 95% of all life forms that ever existed on this planet have become extinct. The fact that this is going to continue and include mankind does not seem to be unlikely. Yes the climate is changing no we are not causing it.

  2. Boxer must be feeling the heat from her CA environmentalists if she is so desperate to push the warmest agenda by expressing God’s name or God’s species in vain.

  3. Steve, with all due respect. It is your blog and you can do how you want, but this sort of live commentary would be more appropriate on a Twitter feed.

  4. Wait a minute isn’t this the same Boxer that proclaimed the sequester would kill 172 million jobs? She can say anything she likes. The morons who keep electing her don’t care, don’t listen and, obviously, don’t have the intelligence to know otherwise.

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