7 thoughts on “Top Swedish Climate Scientist Dr. Lennart Bengtsson: CO2’s ‘heating effect is logarithmic: The higher the concentration is, the smaller the effect of a further increase’”

  1. Mark,
    That’s an interesting question. Let me rephrase it, if I may. Do we really want less scary nuclear bombs? One school of thought is that if they seemed “safer” maybe it’s likely that they would actually be used. In that case, the dirtier and scarier the better. On the other hand, one might argue that such fears would not deter someone who was bent on killing millions of people. So cleaner is better because it has less consequences down the road (presumably after we kill the madman.)

  2. Even dropping the A bombs was less detrimental than fear mongers would lead us to believe. Note that there was a recent article showing Chernobyl as a wildlife sanctuary. All the animals have elevated radioactivity, but seem to be doing just fine.

    And another note, for all those complaining about more atomic research. Newer bombs kill but are relatively clean, and much smaller than the older style bombs. Do we really want to keep 10 megaton dirty dinosaurs, or create newer smaller, higher precision, cleaner A bombs?

  3. So please comment on how much human activity really has on any climate change and whether it realy makes any difference.

  4. Who didn’t know this. Indeed, there’s actually the question of whether ANY additional CO2 will have ANY warming effect, because all the IR absorption possible may be already maxed out with current levels of CO2.

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