4 thoughts on “The most shocking photo of Beijing air pollution I’ve ever seen”

  1. If the picture were totally pollution, then it would be like that at all times except following a good rain. And it is certainly not all PM2.5 as the article seems to want you to believe. The Chinese are not all that interested in effective pollution controls and that pollution exacerbates bad weather conditions. Certainly wouldn’t be a pleasant place to be. Still, the article borders on propaganda.

  2. Beijing’s pollution may not represent the immediate toxic problem that the EPA would claim. It still has to be unpleasant and I’m sure it’s a bit hard on people with respiratory issues.

  3. This is the country that McKibben, Hansen, Obama, Gore and {insert endless list of green drama queens} aspire the US to be most like.

    Btw, that is not air pollution, that is steam being given off from high powered wind turbines and solar panels doing a great job!

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