NYTimes blames tea party groups for wind subsidy cuts in Texas

“Wind is a very mature industry here in Texas, and it doesn’t need those subsidies anymore.”

“During his State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama doubled down on his vision for renewable energy, calling for more wind and solar power. In Texas, the Legislature is less enthusiastic. As the session progresses, renewable energy advocates are bracing to defend critical policies that have helped Texas become the leading wind-power state. The ascendancy of the Tea Party, an abundance of cheap natural gas and tighter budgets have reduced the sway of the wind industry. Solar power advocates anticipate limited gains at best.”

Read more at the New York Times.

3 thoughts on “NYTimes blames tea party groups for wind subsidy cuts in Texas”

  1. Precisely. “Blame” the Tea Party? No, credit the Tea Party!
    Texas, and maybe some other areas, might have some opportunity for viable wind energy projects. Jim and techgm defined the test perfectly.

  2. The wind industry never needed subsidies; it just wanted them and saw an opportunity to get taxpayers to cover some of their costs. If an activity needs a subsidy, then it is uneconomic and should not be funded – especially not via coercion using taxpayers’ money.

  3. The NY Times has absolutely nothing that Texans are interested in….

    West Texas may have some viable wind energy platforms, but even that remains to be seen. End the subsidies and find out if it works in the real world economy. Texans aren’t looking for alms from Uncle Sam.

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