IBM puts supercomputer to work on cancer

Much less awesome than it sounds. Curing a cancer is not a function of crunching data of dubious quality.

“IBM is putting its Watson supercomputer to work fighting cancer, in what is described as the first commercial program of its kind to use “big data” to help patients with the disease.”

Read more at AFP.

3 thoughts on “IBM puts supercomputer to work on cancer”

  1. After reading the report that said “mice” aren’t usable models for humans, it is clear that Watson needs to be put to task to identify bad research first! Would Watson call the Global Warming Alarmists fraudsters?

  2. The computer “models” will show there may be a link to cancer from guns, soda pop, meat, fast foods and non mercury light bulbs. It is also thought that full flow toilets and books are a possible contributor. We must act now before any more premature deaths occur.

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