5 thoughts on “Hypocritical Message from Protesters to Obama: ‘If you don’t stop KXL, we will’”

  1. The Sierra Club photo of people who share a belief is a valid representation of their position. We’ve seen similar photos by the NRA and by climate realist groups.
    These people could be, and I believe are, mistaken in their understanding on the issue. They could be, and I think many are, using environmentalism to also advance a foolish economic agenda. Some few may be, and I think are, wicked people who know they are promoting a harmful agenda. The photo just shows that there are a lof of people who fit into these overlapping categories. There are some supporters of gun rights who have other positions I dislike.
    The Sierra Club is correct that “this is what democracy looks like”. That’s why we have representative government rather than direct democracy for the most part. The representatives are supposed to filter and temper the enthusiasms of the body politic and to guard the rights of all. Especially the unpopular rights of unpopular people.

  2. Why not make those threats? The leaders of the Sierra Club are well paid and their elite supporters have no money woes. So, why not shut down economic opportunity for others?

  3. When a president who himself (and his administration) flouts the law and who otherwise tells favored groups that they are aggrieved, that they deserve compensation from others, and that they are justified in seeking compensation, it is no wonder that those groups feel empowered to act similarly.

    The 2nd photo brings to mind what the Founders often said, that democracy is the mob.

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