Food Police: EPA should limit farmer use of weed killers

CSPI apparently wants EPA to go into farm management.

From Western Farm Press:

he Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) released a seven-page letter to EPA, urging the agency to limit the use of glyphosate and to undertake other measures to slow the spread of resistant weeds.

In the letter, Gregory Jaffe, CSPI biotechnology director, says that the agency should limit farmers’ use of glyphosate especially in geographic areas where resistant weeds are becoming a problem. Such a limit might forbid farmers from applying glyphosate in the same field two years in a row.

Jaffe continues saying, “It’s not in farmers’ or the biotechnology industry’s short-term financial interest to adopt these measures on their own, so the EPA should use its authority to protect glyphosate’s effectiveness.”

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