Dope smoking doubles risk of stroke in young adults?

The researchers must have been partaking as well.

“Marijuana, the most widely used illicit drug, may double stroke risk in young adults, according to research presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2013.”

But is a 55-year old a “young adult”? Also, this study is very small, with only about 12 more strokes among the “cases” (which could be 55 years of age!).

Read more at the American Heart Association.

2 thoughts on “Dope smoking doubles risk of stroke in young adults?”

  1. Left-stream media doesn’t care about the accuracy of the statistics it gets as long as it supports their agenda. As you showed, there isn’t context.

    The Brady Center, when it was called Handgun Control, Inc. published a study in the 80s that “proved” that handguns were the primary cause of death for children. When you read the fine print, a “child” was defined as anyone under 21.

  2. “Physicians should test young people who come in with stroke for cannabis use, Barber said.”


    100% of the group tested had had a stroke. The “control” group is undefined. Proclaiming a doubling of risk is totally undefined. Does it go from one in a million to one in 500,000?

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