3 thoughts on “Climate change: The next civil rights battle”

  1. “Because humanity has the right to breathe air not laced with carbon”

    What a maroon. If it ain’t “laced with carbon,” we all die.

  2. Yes indeed. That is what profits do, direct resources to the most beneficial ends. The essay itself is insane!

  3. The profit-obsessed fossil fuels cartels make possible what we now consider a “normal” life: clean water, electric lights, cheap and ready transportation, food we can eat confidently, radiology to identify our illnesses and injuries, etc.
    The control-obsessed environmental cartel wants to limit what we now consider a “normal” life and deny it to the world’s poorest.
    Apparently the profit motive produces more moral outcomes than does the rage motive. Who’da’thunkit?

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