Air pollution blamed for cockroach allergies in children

Outdoor air is the new tobacco — you can blame every ailment on it and no one in the MSM will question you.

“An allergic reaction to cockroaches is a major contributor to asthma in urban children, but new research suggests that the insects are just one part of a more complex story. Very early exposure to certain components of air pollution can increase the risk of developing a cockroach allergy by age 7 and children with a common mutation in a gene called GSTM may be especially vulnerable.” [Media release]

2 thoughts on “Air pollution blamed for cockroach allergies in children”

  1. Of note:

    All sorts of junk offered as “rational” explanations, but the fact that they have all but vanished form urban environments is truly remarkable, as was their once well-known but now forgotten migration from deciduous forests to rural homes and thence to urban areas (infesting not only homes, but industrial buildings and machine housings as well). They could have migrated again, but knowing how tightly everything is monitored on this planet, “depopulation” seems to be a more suitable term. Not to say extinction.

  2. This is really amazing. What goes around comes around. Go back and read the story of Heidi. Yeah, I know this is a little weird. But Heidi lived in a filthy town as a child and was in ill health. She moved out into the Alpine country and viola! She was healthy again!

    We’re watching the novel Heidi unfold before our very eyes!

    We’re being Kneipped!

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