WashPost: Obama should approve Keystone; Opponents ‘bizarre’

The Washington Post today issued a forceful editorial in favor of the Keystone XL. Bill McKibben et al. get slammed in the process.

“Mr. Obama should ignore the activists who have bizarrely chosen to make Keystone XL a line-in-the-sand issue, when there are dozens more of far greater environmental import.” [WashPost]

2 thoughts on “WashPost: Obama should approve Keystone; Opponents ‘bizarre’”

  1. Good catch!
    The Jevons Paradox is a real-world example of a classic situation in game theory. A novice player will select a move based solely upon the immediate consequences of the move. This is typical of the thought processes of many self-styled ‘Progressives.’ There is no consideration of the reactions others may have to the move.
    Sophomore players will realize that the other players will react to each move with moves of their own. The interplay between moves and countermoves will determine the course of the game.
    Jevons realized that technological moves to reduce the amount of fuel required for daily activities would reduce fuel expenses, but it would also facilitate increased consumption by increasing fuel availability.
    Unfortunately, I believe that Obama’s game objective is not to reduce demand for oil but to increase the power of his party by humiliating the GOP.
    In short, Obama’s game is not energy but political power.

  2. “Mr. Obama . . . knows that the way to cut oil use is to reduce demand for the stuff, and he has begun to put that knowledge into practice, setting tough new fuel-efficiency standards for cars and trucks. That will actually make a difference, unlike blocking a pipeline here or there.”

    WaPo appears unaware of Jevons Paradox.

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