4 thoughts on “Video: Biden says Obama considering 'Executive Order' on guns”

  1. Given all the noise about background checks for guns from individual sales or gun shows, I’d be interested in a rigorous evaluation of how many guns have been used in crimes and could be traced to a sale by an individual owner or through a gun show. I’m sure it’s happened but I’ve long understood that most guns used to commit crimes were obtained from illegal owners, not through individual sales or gun shows.

  2. I’m with you, I don’t see what he can do that would be enforceable in a court of law.

    However, his going extra-Constitutional wouldn’t be new.

  3. What kind of executive order does Biden think Obama could issue? He hasn’t got the authority to order background checks for one-to-one sales of firearms, to order registration of firearms, to invalidate state laws on concealed-carry permits, to restrict importation or sale of any firearm that is currently legal…or any other remotely useful item I can think of. An executive order has to be based on some brand of existing authority.
    If Obama issued such an order, it should be possible to enjoin it before the auto-pen had completed the “m”.
    He could issue an executive order banning concealed carry in all federal buildings but that’s pretty much in place already. Perhaps he could order a ban on concealed-carry in national parks, or even on open-carry in parks but I think that was pre-empted by legislation already.

  4. I guess Barry wants to spark a civil war. Many law abiding gun owners see him as a wannabe dictator. Bypassing Congress and trampling on the 2nd Amendment by executive order will only prove them right and make them committed to defiance.

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