UK enviros support soda tax

It’s for the (ever-exploited) children.

“Friends of the Earth has joined more than 60 other organisations to support Sustain’s new report calling for a sugary drinks tax. The report, covered in the Guardian and Telegraph, argues that a 20p per litre sugary drinks duty could be used to create a Children’s Future Fund that would invest in programmes to promote children’s health and the health of the environments they grow up in.” [FoE]

One thought on “UK enviros support soda tax”

  1. Phew, for a second there I thought it was going to be a tax on soda water(also known as Jewish champagne.) You know, CO2, global warming and all that.Do you know how much the earth warms with every bottle of zoda vater you drink? We Jews should be ashamed of ourselves- killing the planet with our selfish habit of drinking soda water.And the food mile problems with smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels(at least I grow my own dill, helps conceal the marijuana. Bit of a problem when the wrong one is put on the bagel.) Oy veh!
    Answer of course is zero. The greenhouse effect does not exist- the 33 degrees is from the pressure of the atmosphere. High school science PV=nRT. Hello pressure is proportional to temperature. Same effect on Venus, Jupiter, Saturn noted. The little “green” men on Mars managed to prevent warming there, so they are freezing their little buns off.

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