5 thoughts on “Sydney sizzles in record heat”

  1. Given that the Australian weather service has systematically reduced the temperatures set down in the older records how could we possibly know whether this is a new record?

    When asked about his justification for changing the records he gave one example of a station change with a different elevation, then screamed abuse at the journalist asking him for further details.

    The change in elevation seems to have been made not with overlapping records or even any modelling, but by using the ISA lapse rate between the two elevations. Given that ISA (the International Standard Atmosphere) is a reference datum not a real atmospheric model that would not be appropriate in free atmosphere. Given that these were close to the ground, bottom and top of a steep slope near the ocean rather than in free atmosphere it is completely unjustifiable.

    I teach a 60-hour meteorology/world climate course, and have to get the point across that ISA is a reference, a very rough average and should not be considered to even approximate the real atmosphere. It appears these meteorology and climate academics have never learnt this.

  2. As much as I’m against solar, it would be perfect for these hot days. If everyone had them on their roof, would be ideal to keep the aircon running inside. Oh the irony haha

    Btw I live in Sydney 🙂

  3. Will this make them more, or less, receptive to understand that “air conditioning” needs electricity to produce, and “base load electricity” for “air conditioning” is not conveniently generated by solar panels or wind turbines.

    What a difference a year makes. Last year, and the year before, cooling and rainfall were at record levels in Australia.

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