8 thoughts on “Stephen King: NRA Should ‘Clean Up Blood, Brains and Chunks of Intestine’ After Next Massacre”

  1. I guess we now know why he writes good fantasy novels: he lives in a fantasy world where making laws will prevent people from doing bad things.

  2. Steven King is a highly successful writer and I’ve enjoyed some of his stuff — even when his grammar is lousy or he uses ridiculous phrasing like “…that Christless washboard..” as if any human ever spoke like that.
    His politics have always been “progressive”, though, with all the hypocrisy of a Michael Moore or John Kerry.

  3. OK Steven, fine. I will clean up the blood and brains and intenstines after the next massacre, PROVIDED you clean up the blood and brains and intestines of the people without guns killed because they couldn’t defend themselves…

  4. Stephen King is like a lot of very creative people. Their talent takes up so much room in their brain there is no room left for common sense which is why they so often spout complete nonsense. I have no regard at all for their opinions. They should stick to their craft and shut up.

  5. Steven King defines successful as: Someone paid you and the check did not bounce. He obviously is an idiot when it comes to real life.

    He does, however, exemplify the extreme cognitive dissonance liberals embrace. He wants to be taxed more (lying, because he can send in a check anytime), he writes VERY violent books (of course, with no guns, they are just fine, right?) and thinks conservatives are mean (like they were the ones who thought a game where you could kill the head of the NRA was good idea–liberals are vicious). How these people’s head don’t explode is beyond me.

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