4 thoughts on “Sex to burn calories? Authors expose obesity myths”

  1. I’m eating about like I always have and exercising only slightly less but I’m beginning to dislike my figure. My waist seems to be expanding somewhat, although my ribs and hip bones are still very visible. Is it related to slipping into my mid-50s? Am I indulging myself too much? I dunno.
    Stigmatizing obesity seems to have only the effect of making obese people sad or depressed. We seem to understand body shape and fat/muscle distribution only a little better than we understand climate.

  2. Many of the dieting / exercise / weight loss recommendations fail for one simple reason: when we overeat, we typically don’t overeat by 1% or even 5%. We are more likely to overeat by a factor of ten. But the effects of slight and extreme over-consumption on body weight are very similar; the body only takes what it can, at about the same rate; the excess gets shunted down the drain. So if your normal uptake is well in excess, reducing it or increasing your load by a small amount is not going to have any effect at all. It will only affect the rate at which the excess food gets dumped.

  3. Or don’t care so much. Even better. Everyone that lives beyond 70 costs a fortune in health-care and special accommodations. Those that can’t pay live longer but in total misery. Carpe diem, you’ll die anyway.

  4. ‘Marion Nestle, a New York University professor of nutrition and food studies.

    “The big issues in weight loss are how you change the food environment in order for people to make healthy choices,” such as limits on soda sizes and marketing junk food to children, she said.’

    This is freaking Orwellian !!! For people to make healthy choices, as she describes it, you have to TAKE AWAY THEIR CHOICES, so they can only choose what she wants them to choose.

    This also furthers the myth that obesity is qualitative, and not quantitative.

    These people are hacks trying to make a living off made up problems. The cure for obesity? Don’t eat so damn much.

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