Russia eyes North America meat ban over feed additive

“… concerns that residues could remain in the meat and cause health problems despite scientific evidence stating that it is safe…”

“Russia warned on Monday it might soon bar imports of U.S. and Canadian beef and pork if producers do not certify them free of the feed additive ractopamine.” [Reuters]

2 thoughts on “Russia eyes North America meat ban over feed additive”

  1. Russia wants to bar the imports of everything. A few years ago, they imposed import duties on used cars making them more expensive than new domestically manufactured ones. The pretext was that used cars were unhygienic. Their top customs officer was seen on the telly saying: “You don’t buy a used toothbrush, do you? Why do you expect us to allow you to buy a used car?”

    There is talk that these policies are influenced by GM and Ford, who have set up huge factories in Russia and are now lobbying for protection.

    The price of meat in Moscow is already among the highest in the world. Apparently, not high enough for the mob running the country.

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